TileDB Cloud

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Today we are releasing TileDB Cloud, a cloud service that allows you to register and share your TileDB arrays with anyone in the cloud. You can define access policies and audit all access using simple and intuitive array semantics.


TileDB Cloud allows you to perform serverless SQL and Python UDFs, avoiding the deployment hassle and enjoying tremendous scalability.


TileDB Cloud comes with a pay-as-you-go model, allowing you to greatly reduce your operational costs.

TileDB Genomics

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A scalable variant store

We are releasing an open-source genomics customization called TileDB-VCF, which allows you to store arbitrarily large gVCF datasets as sparse 2D arrays in TileDB. With TileDB-VCF, you can solve the N+1 problem, achieving linear storage scalability, regardless your dataset size and number of updates.

40% space savings and scalability

TileDB-VCF reduces your collection of single-sample BCF files by 40%, leads to fast and scalable analysis on the cloud, and allows you to take advantage of the Data Science ecosystem via TileDB’s numerous integrations.

Embedded SQL

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Embeddable MariaDB

You can now enjoy the powerful integration of TileDB with MariaDB as an embeddable library, without having to install and maintain a MariaDB server, thus substantially simplifying your software builds.

MariaDB Connector

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Pluggable storage engine

We added TileDB as a pluggable storage engine to MariaDB. You are now able to run fast SQL queries via your MariaDB server on TileDB arrays, stored either on premises or on the cloud (e.g., AWS S3).

TileDB Geospatial

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TileDB is integrated with PDAL, GDAL, and Rasterio, providing you a way to store your geospatial data in a single, cloud-optimized format.

TileDB Core v1.7

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Array metadata support

We added support for key-value array metadata that you can attach to any array.

Overhauling KV store

We removed KV objects that used to implement key-value functionality. We will soon introduce support for string dimensions, which will realize a full-fledged key-value store via TileDB arrays, allowing multi-dimensional and prefix-based string search.