Biomedical imaging

Securely manage and collaborate on biomedical imaging data

Biomedical imaging data creates unique data governance and security challenges for clinical analysis. Hospital systems must ensure strict access controls, while facilitating internal collaboration across distributed teams. The complexity increases when massive amounts of images are needed for training machine learning models.

Manage the scale of biomedical image recognition and other ML projects using the TileDB Cloud universal database. The platform’s data governance and access controls allow you to securely share and version all data assets in your clinical workflows, from flat files and Jupyter notebooks to ML models and the datasets used to train them.

At the core of TileDB is its universal data model built on multi-dimensional arrays. 2D images for pathology workflows and 3D images for volumetric reconstruction are all naturally represented as cloud-native TileDB arrays, allowing you to tailor microscopy data across a range of healthcare and life sciences applications. TileDB arrays provide a canonical, open-spec data format that can represent all clinical data, while enabling rapid slicing and iterative data science, AI and ML development.

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