Location data

Rapidly slice any point within space and time

For too long, geospatial analysts have been limited by location data managed by relational databases and data warehouses, which come with high maintenance and TCO.

Take your analysis from cities and states to the entire globe using TileDB. With faster performance and lower infrastructure costs than solutions like PostGIS, TileDB’s cloud-native approach slices data rapidly, directly from inexpensive cloud object storage.

The flexibility of multi-dimensional TileDB arrays addresses a range of location data types. Points in space are inherently sparse 2D arrays, but modern analyses add elevation and time as indexing requirements, calling for 4D arrays. TileDB natively accommodates this sparse 4D structure, which is ideal for geospatial analytics. Take advantage of lossless compression to reduce your storage spending. Supercharge your geospatial analytics and visualizations with TileDB’s serverless slicing, UDFs and SQL computations, as well as integrations with popular geospatial libraries and data science tooling.

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