Rethink your data infrastructure

TileDB Enterprise is designed for your most demanding use cases and business-impacting analytical workloads. It offers access to our domain experts, coupled with world-class product support, and is available in a variety of deployment models outlined below.

TileDB Embedded + Support

For organizations that prefer open-source solutions and an ecosystem of tools with no lock-in.


Priority escalation of feature requests

Performance optimizations

Domain-specific support to enable use of TileDB Embedded in your products

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TileDB Cloud SaaS

For organizations that want to eliminate infrastructure hassles.


TileDB Cloud Organizations feature for consolidated usage monitoring and access controls

Guaranteed project requirements

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TileDB Cloud On-Prem

For organizations that prefer full control under their own governance and infrastructure.


LDAP/AD, Okta, GitHub SSO, Google SSO & local auth

Guaranteed project requirements

Flexible on-premises / in-VPC deployment assistance

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Why TileDB Enterprise

domain expertise
Domain expertise

Specialized domains require specialized skills. The TileDB team is staffed with experts across a range of industry domains who provide detailed advice and domain-specific support. For example: In genomics, we enable rapid genome analysis of NICU patients, saving babies’ lives. In telecoms and geospatial engineering, we enable analysis of digital twins and accelerate large-scale spatial statistics. What will TileDB do for your industry?

future proof
Future-proof infrastructure

Shift data engineering to an experienced partner. TileDB provides consultative support to create an architecture that evolves with your use cases and analytics workloads. From customized data ingestion to schema optimization work, our engineers get hands-on in your environment, so your team can focus on what they do best: analysis and insight.

product assurance
Product assurance

Get peace of mind from a commercial relationship. Your TileDB contract includes dedicated support channels, prioritized escalations, and custom training sessions to accelerate time-to-insight and enhance your team’s productivity.