Minimize costs,
maximize collaboration

Manage, analyze & collaborate at global scale.

No infrastructure hassles, pay as you go

TileDB Cloud SaaS inherits all of the core database capabilities that make TileDB uniquely suited for analysis-ready data, but delivered as a managed service that promotes security and collaboration, eliminating infrastructure overhead and offering massive TCO savings.

no infrastructure

Compute at scale, 100% serverless

TileDB Cloud SaaS deploys compute automatically, no instance upgrades or memory management required. Optimize processing at massive scale by distributing operations in task graphs, with each node bound tightly to the lifespan of a user-defined function. Run out-of-core computations on large datasets, and pay only for what you use.

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In-place access with zero copy

Your data stays on your own object storage service in an analysis-ready format. TileDB Cloud SaaS does not store any datasets. Simply connect your cloud provider storage to TileDB Cloud SaaS, and the cloud-native format of TileDB arrays lets you analyze data in-place, without additional indexing or data movement.

Deliver data products to new markets

Expand your reach by using TileDB Cloud SaaS to launch your next data marketplace. The same access control and usage-based billing features that let users explore and analyze public data assets can also be used to sell proprietary data and code assets. Simply connect your Stripe account and set your price. You’re one step away from reaching a global audience of data consumers, without having to copy and re-host data products.

List to marketplaceList to marketplace
Users pay for accessUsers pay for access
Data governance

Ensure data governance for cloud compliance

Easily prove to auditors that data access controls are in place and enforced. TileDB Cloud SaaS logs every interaction with your data and code, all centralized in the TileDB Cloud console with human-readable summaries for easy inclusion in security attestations and compliance reports.


Pay only for what you use

Tasks$0.11 / CPU / hour

Time taken for slicing an array, performing a SQL query or computing a UDF task.

Data$0.14 / GB

Amount of data retrieved from the service to your client, not the data processed.

Notebooks$0.06 / CPU / hour

Time you spend running a Jupyter notebook server on the TileDB Cloud service.


Looking for an
on-prem solution?

TileDB Cloud is available as a customer-hosted instance to address enterprise security policies and governance mandates.

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